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E-books and "the big mo"

Happy Boxing Day!

Politicians use the term "the big mo" to refer to momentum—that sense of forward motion that can't be stopped. It looks like e-books might have reached that stage. A friend sent me a link to this article in Publisher's Weekly that describes a new venture by ScrollMotion, an iPhone development company. They have created a competing product for Stanza that mimics the competition between Sony and Kindle, in that ScrollMotion's Iceberg software allows the user to download e-books directly to their iPhones. Unlike Kindle, though, they don't get a break on e-book prices. The implementation may be why. Here's a quote from the article:

“What makes the software different,” said ScrollMotion’s chief literary officer Calvin Baker, “is that each book is a self-contained app. You download the book, not a piece of software.” Iceberg mimics the natural reading experience, allowing the user to “flip” the page with a swipe of the finger and uses the iPhone and iTouch’s interface to allow for scrolling, shrinking and expanding text, bookmarking and note taking.

So, more ventures means more momentum. The same friend sent me a link to the Eos site, as they are offering (for a brief) time, a free download of an e-book, Adam Troy-Castro's Emissaries from the Dead. As she endorsed the book, I was eager to try the download but I hit a snag. There were three download options, Adobe, Microsoft, and Mobi pocket. Kindle can handle Mobi if it's not DRAM-protected. However, the Eos site wants a PID number for your Mobi device, which I don't have because the Kindle isn't really a Mobi device, so no go there. My Kindle can usually handle Adobe PDF's if I send them through the e-mail conversion, but this one bombed because although the download icon said Adobe, it's not PDF but Adobe's new "digital edition" (I guess Adobe wants in on the big mo). Kindle doesn't work with MS reader, so unless I want to download MS reader, then download the book in that format, then look for a conversion program on the web, I am dead in the water. Sigh. It looks like the course of e-books, like true love, does not always run smooth.

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