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It's that time!

If you're planning on going to Worldcon (Anticipation Montreal 2009) this summer, the hotel reservations function that gives the con rate is now up and running. You can register online or by phone:

"The Housing Bureau may also be called at 1–888–722–2220 (toll free North America) or 514–844–0848. Identify yourself as a 2009 Worldcon (Anticipation) member to get the special convention rates."

Be sure to check the map to see where all the hotels are in relation to the convention center. Montreal is a beautiful city that I have never visited; plus, they've lined up some great folks (Neil Gaiman is one of the guests of honor this year, and Julie Czerneda will MC), so I've made my reservations already!

Oh, boy! Anticipation is an appropriate name. I can hardly wait!

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