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Ebook—not a rook!

I blogged recently about the fact that Orbit books has a new program where every month they offer one book as an ebook for $1.00 (one dollar). Well, I went to their site expecting to buy Iain M, Banks' Use of Weapons as that was the book they were offering for February. Well, it's there, but the only ebook vendor listed for it is Sony! No Kindle store! What gives? What I want to know is, was this an Orbit Books' problem or Amazon's problem? Last month I was able to download the January book wirelessly to my Kindle by paying a buck. This time, no such option!

What gives?

UPDATE: And now a word from Miss Emily Litella . . .

The Iain M. Banks' ebook USE OF WEAPONS now has several $1 options, including Amazon Kindle! Don't know whose hold up it was, but it's fixed now.

Never mind!

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