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More Time for reading?

It seems like lately Time magazine is devoting a lot of space to e-reader technology. In this article, journalist Josh Quittner talks about the long, slow death of print magazines. It seems to boil down to the fact that while people expect to pay for print issues that are delivered, they want the web for free. The solution may be an e-reader, where a subscriber gets their spiffy-looking pages delivered wirelessly.

Quittner dismisses Kindle (in its present iteration) as a savior of magazines because it doesn't do color illustrations. Likewise, the upcoming Plastic Logic larger screen model has more space but it's a) not here in gray-scale yet, and b) won't be out in color for even longer. Instead he hails the growth of new ways to display documents using Adobe AIR, which allows "browser-less" display of documents on computer screens.

It seems to me that still misses the point of e-readers. They have to be highly portable! Although I do think he's right that magazines and newspapers have different challenges from books. In a book, it's the text that matters most.

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