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Worldcon review

I have been blogging about ebooks too much lately, so I wanted to go 180 degrees the other way, and blog about the ultimate face-to-face experience: Worldcon!

Worldcons are a lot of fun. What's not to like? Fans, authors, (sometimes) actors; lot of programming, a huge dealer's room, and a chance to schmooze and nosh with old friends and make new ones. The very first Worldcon I went to was BucConneer, in Baltimore in 1998. That one had a pirate theme. Charles Sheffield was the MC. He looked fantastic in a 18th century garb, a wig and full-skirted coat. The Guests of Honor included C.J. Cherryh and Stan Schmidt. I have actually been to more World Fantasy Conventions than Worldcons, because WFC is better for networking, but I did make it to Philly for the Millenium Philcon, to Noreascon in Boston, and to Denvention, last summer in Denver.

On the other hand, I missed LA, Chicago, Toronto, Scotland, Japan, and Australia. Barring a best-selling debut novel or a winning lottery ticket, I will miss Australia again next year. And now it turns out I won't have a shot at going to a Worldcon in Seattle anytime soon, as, in spite of their lovely website, that group has dropped out of the bidding for 2011 and that leaves Reno, NV alone in the running.

Isn't Reno in the middle of the desert? A con in Reno in August? Who's idea was that?

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