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Selling a book 101

The economy is in the toilet, and writers have to get creative. According to today's GalleyCat posts, writers are pursuing very different strategies for selling a book.

Strategy 1: Become the sleaziest politician in Illinois (quite a feat!) with the worst haircut. Impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich has sold a book in a six-figure deal with Phoenix Books, publishers of celebrity bios.

Strategy 2: Follow the Radiohead paradigm. Ben Wilson, author of the nonfiction book What Price Liberty? will post the book as an ebook on a website that allows the user to pay whatever he wants (if anything) for the download. A regular book launch will follow.

Strategy 3: Combine the two above approaches (sleaze and technology). Former prostitute/madam Kristin Davis is selling her tell-all memoirs (remember Eliot Spitzer?) as an ebook and a POD book through a "non-traditional" publisher, Hollan Publishing.

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