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The writer's favorite whine

A friend in my writing group (not my usual Helpful Friend) sent me a link to a great post on the Guardian in which several writers opine for a paragraph or so on how they feel about writing. Some of the writers professed not to enjoy writing. Some said they enjoyed writing but hated having to write on demand, for a book contract. It is extremely difficult for an unpublished writer to dredge up any level of sympathy for a novelist who whines about deadlines. It's rather like listening to a rock star complaining about having to tour to sold-out venues every night. Sure it's exhausting, but if you notice, he's not asking to change places with anyone.

The range of feelings varied from those who rated writing as painful to those who said it was a joy, with the-in-between folks liking some part of the process, such as editing. My favorite quote—the one I identified with most— came from writer Julie Myerson:

"I feel very lucky to be paid to do it, but even if I'd never been published, I think I'd still be writing. I love being read, but the person I'm really always writing for is me."

What she said.

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