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10 things I learned in Cuernavaca

I am back from a 5-day trip to Cuernavaca in Mexico. We went down for my nephew's wedding to a young lady from Cuernavaca, so it wasn't a typical destination wedding. We stayed at the wonderful Marajaba Hotel which also hosted the reception. We met Monica's family and had a fantastic time! The day after the wedding we went into town for some shopping, sightseeing at the Robert Brady Museum, and finally a lovely dinner on the terrace at Las Quintas where we ate on the terrace. It seemed like a shame we had to go home the next day.

I put the photos online but I also wanted to record some things I learned (or relearned) on this trip.

1. Unlike the French, most Mexican people appreciate it if you try to speak their language, even if you speak it very, very badly.

2. If you practice every day for a few days, high school and college Spanish will come back to you.

3. More Mexicans can speak passable English than (Anglo) Americans can speak passable Spanish.

4. Mexico City is enormous and the traffic there is the worst I have ever seen!

5. Cuernavaca is a beautiful city but very hilly; it seemed like everything was either uphill or downhill.

6. I could never in a million years drive a taxi in Cuernavaca.

7. I really like pozole, and it's a lot of fun to go to a pozole restaurant!

8. With the exchange rate where it is, spending pesos does not seem like spending real money; this is dangerous.

9. Always tell the cab driver your destination and ask how much the ride will cost before you get in the cab.

10. Never miss a family wedding if you can help it. You get to catch up with people you don't often see just when everyone is feeling really happy.

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