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The digital age is dawning

Of course, information has been digital for a long time, but not so much for books. Now, however, it seems like everywhere I look, ebooks and eReaders are taking off! The TeleReads blog reported that HarperCollins's next catalog would be only digital, no print version. Then came reports that Samsung was launching an eReader called Papyrus in Korea this year (touchscreen but no wireless). Next, GalleyCat reported on the Fictionwise releasing an eReader application for the Blackberry, a concept I think makes sense because Fictionwise sells a lot of short fiction, and that would be easier to read on that itty bitty screen than a book.

An interesting note on the HarperCollins catalog is that it is not merely a PDF of a print catalog, but a new format that includes videos and allows the reader to sort titles and annotate them. Booksellers can even download the file to a spreadsheet!

Having just gone on a trip with my Kindle, I feel confident in predicting that 2009 will be the year digital books take off.

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