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eReaders get WIRED

Actually, I may have the title of this post backwards. WIRED just had a nice post on the gadget blog that listed the available and soon-to-be-available eReaders out there. The list covers a mini-review of the new Papyrus from Samsung, Amazon's Kindle 2, the Sony Reader, iRex's iLiad, Foxit's eSlick Reader, the Hanlin eReader (from a Chinese company, a.k.a. the BeBook when sold in the Netherlands), and Fujitsu's Flepia, which will have the first color e-ink screen when it comes out in about a month, in Japan. Flepia is slick and loaded with features in addition to the color screen, but it also costs $1,025, more or less (¥ 99,750). Yikes! You could almost buy three Kindles for that.

Plastic Logic is also mentioned, but of course there can't be a review since there isn't a product yet. The article also has links to more in-depth reviews of most of these eReaders.

We live in exciting times!

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