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So, is it a story ARC?

In an interesting twist on the rise of e-books, the Dear Author blog, a group blog that does a ton of reviews, mostly of romance novels, has announced via GalleyCat that they want digital advance reader copies (ARCs) not print. They promise that ARCs received as print books will not be reviewed until months after digital ARCs.

It's not surprising. The Dear Author folks have always been ebook proponents. They have a link for ebook posts prominently displayed and Sony is a blog sponsor. And since folks who read ARCs are, by definition, voracious readers, they do seem prime material for the ebook market.

So, if a publisher can provide the ARC as an ebook, why can't all books be ebooks as well as print? One of my favorite mystery authors, S.J. Rozan, has a new book out: The Shanghai Moon. Guess what? Hardback only! (Well, hardcover, and an audiobook, if I want to blow $30 on one book) Rozan has several recent books on Kindle, so I am hoping the Kindle version will be out soon.

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