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Back to the Kindle

I am still very happy with my Kindle, but I didn't realize how many people I knew would go out and buy a new Kindle 2 that I would then have to drool over. It does look spiffier; I am profoundly grateful I can console myself with being able to change the battery and swap out SD cards. And I also think it's easier to set bookmarks and go to bookmarks on a Kindle 1.

But I'm also pleased Amazon has continued to give us Kindle 1 owners software upgrades to Kindle 2 software when possible. So, for example, when I order a free sample, and then want to delete that file, I can do it from the home screen just by pressing back space and confirming the delete, instead of having to go to the Content Manager screen. The Kindle 2 has no Content Manager screen because there no need to move books from Kindle memory to the SD card since there is no SD card. Ergo, they always delete from the home screen.

As an example of how Kindle has gone mainstream, last night's episode of the new ABC sitcom In the Motherhood had a reference to the Kindle. When a kid said his newly divorced father was trying to buy his love, his mother's wickedly funny friend Rosemary (played by Megan Mullally of Will & Grace fame) recommended high-end electronics. She said if he didn't need anything himself to get her a Kindle.

Not only funny but smart.

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