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The real Amazon warrior

The word “Amazon” conjures many things: fierce women warriors, a mighty river and rain forest, and an online vendor of books and other things. Jeff Bezos is doing his best to make everyone's mind jump to meaning #3.

One of today's Dear Author blog posts, “Why the Lack of a Jeff Bezos Dooms Mainstream Publishing,”, credits Bezos with being one of the few real forward-thinkers in publishing. Just that fact that Amazon is now, in many way, a publisher shows how forward-thinking Bezos is. Certainly the brick and mortar stores have never blurred the lines the way Amazon.com has.

The time line of Amazon's business strategy is impressive. The Kindle doesn't even appear until near the end; it's only one weapon in the Bezos arsenal. Of course, Amazon is fast turning into the bully of the publishing world, as if Bezos is copying Bill Gates' mantra of flatten the competition any way you can. Hopefully, if Bezos starts making Gates' kind of money, he will at least start giving it away to good causes the way that Gates has.

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