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Not Hugo Weaving, Hugo reading

The actor Hugo Weaving is known to genre fans for playing significant parts in both The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings. But I must admit, his name has always appealed to me. Who else has a name that's almost a sentence?

And now I keep thinking of him because I have a lot of Hugo reading to do. Having registered online for Anticipation (a.k.a. Worldcon 2009) in Montreal, I received a wonderful email with a zipped file containing electronic versions of most of the Hugo nominated written works and some electronic samples of John Picacio's art.

I promptly sent the short stories, novels, and novelettes to my Kindle. I still have the novellas to do, but I didn't want to jam up whatever email gateway software Amazon uses.

It's a wonderful use of a Kindle. And even if I don't get all of the various works read, I have a good way to at least sample the Hugo-nominated works before I vote for the Hugos. What a concept!

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