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I love GalleyCat! It covers a wide variety of topics in the publishing industry— everything of concern to authors, agents, editors, booksellers, and even book readers. They're quite genre-friendly and report on spec fic as readily as any other kind of fiction. Often I see news there before I see it anywhere else— like yesterday's post on the first ever self-publishing book expo. GalleyCat sends me a daily e-mail with the day's posts in summary form, with links so I can read more on any item of interest. I've been following their blog for well over a year.

So, why is there a “Doh!” in the subject line? Well, the GalleyCat logo is a line of books— not terribly original, you'd say— just a row of assorted-sized books, sitting on a shelf. But, you don't see the spines of the books. Instead, you see edges of the pages, the normally unseen (here comes the “doh!”) other side of book publishing, in effect.

Now I get it.

Addendum: Just happened to see these really cool photos of unusual bookshelves so I thought I would pass them on.

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