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This Apple won't far fall from the iPod tree

A recent PC World post is all worked up over the possibility of a new Apple “mediapad,” an upgrade to the iTouch that will do everything except make coffee. The author David Coursey considers that this Apple entry will eventually kill the Kindle and make Kindle owners sorry they bought Kindles. What he's really saying is there is no viable market for a dedicated reading device, no matter how good it is.

I don't think I buy that. I've only owned a Kindle for six months or so, but I use it a lot. And I never owned an iPod or any kind of MP3 player. Eventually, maybe, they will make a screen that can show movies and still be as easy on the eyes as e-ink, but I don't think Apple is anywhere near there yet. I don't think they're even trying.

Everyone seems to love the phrase “Kindle killer.” Maybe it's just the alliteration. Or maybe Coursey's too young to appreciate how much people of a certain age need a really readable screen.

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