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Is Kindle 3 imminent?

I've see blog posts and tweets quoting this NY Times article speculating that Amazon will release a large screen Kindle very soon. The Times is hinting that newspapers have been approached by Amazon, which already offers many newspaper subscription through the existing Kindle, to make their publications available on a new large screen Kindle.

Certainly Amazon would be well advised to get the jump on Plastic Logic and Apple, if they can. PL has created a lot of buzz just by showing a prototype, and Apple is supposedly working on a “mediapad.” Amazon has had a lot of success with Kindle; there are even rumors a UK version will be out soon.

We'll see if the Times is right, and a new Kindle “tailored for displaying newspapers, magazines and perhaps textbooks” appears soon.

Newsflash! Gizmodo confirms May 6 for the new Kindle!

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