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It's starting already

My Google Alert sent me a link to this comparison of Kindle DX and Plastic Logic. The funny thing is, neither device is on the market yet. Amazon has announced the Kindle DX for “this summer,” and Plastic Logic hasn't even given their device a name or a price, let alone a ship date. And yet already there is speculation on which one will prevail.

But the comparison points out that Plastic Logic and Kindle DX are, in fact, in head-to-head competition. A large screen eReader is needed for magazines, newspapers, textbooks, and business documents, while novels and regular nonfiction books work fine on Kindle 2/Sony sized eReaders. Amazon is still selling Kindle 2, and unless you want an eReader mostly for newspapers and magazines, it's not worth it to pay the extra money for Kindle DX.

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May. 12th, 2009 03:43 am (UTC)
reading electronically
Do you know anybody who has a Kindle? I'm very curious. I sometimes read stuff on my pda, and I admit it's handy to whip it out when I'm standing in line all bored and be able to choose any of the books I have loaded to it. And I have some reference books loaded to my computer -- an Italian grammar, for example. But a dedicated book reader? Another gadget to carry around and possible drop, or lose, or accidentally let run out of battery?

One of the advantages would be that an electronic book would be searchable. It would be great to look and see if I missed a clue in a mystery, or try to figure out if this character named Jennifer was mentioned previously.
May. 12th, 2009 12:23 pm (UTC)
Re: reading electronically
I own a Kindle 1, which you can't buy anymore. I know 6 or 7 folks who own Kindle 2's and they all love them. There are just a couple of things I like about my Kindle 1 that keep me from putting it on EBay and buying a Kindle 2. I carry my Kindle in my purse (you do need a certain size purse, but by no means a tote bag) and that turns those 20 minute waits at the bank, the Jiffy Lube, the doctor's office, into reading opportunities. Also, you can really take advantage of all the free books and stories out there, like the Hugo voting package you get when you sign up for Worldcon (whoo hoo! what a deal!). Not every single book is available as an ebook, but on the other hand, it's so easy to buy books and even single stories. I bought your story "Kraken" through the Kindle store and read it (I really liked it by the way) If you don't want to spend the $360 on a Kindle 2 (more like $400 when you add the cost of the cover, which you need) you can look on EBay for a used Kindle 1 or I think some of the Sony's Readers are cheaper, but then you have to copy books to the reader with a cable.

By the way, the e-ink screens in Kindle and Sony are MUCH easier on the eyes than a PDA backlit screen. The dispay takes very little power, too, which is why the battery in a Kindle lasts a week or more, so long as you leave the wireless option off when you're not using it.

In short, I love my Kindle!
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