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Kindle goes mainstream

The evidence is growing that Kindle is becoming a mainstream gadget. Here are my supporting arguments:

1. A friend got a Kindle 2 for her 89-year old aunt. I know because I spent an hour showing the aunt how to use it. She did fine, and she loved the large font setting.

2. Kindle references show up on Twitter like crazy. Just try a #kindle search.

3. Fictionwise now offers a "send to your Kindle" option when you buy a book or story available in multi-format. You just have to white-list their address at the Amazon end.

4. When I tell people I own a Kindle, I no longer have to tell them what it is.

5. When Jeff Bezos announced the new Kindle DX, he let drop that for books where a Kindle version is available, Kindle-format sales now average 35% of total sales for that book.

The last one is the real kicker!

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