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Something new & something different

Well, it looks like there is something new in the ebook universe. According to Publishers' Weekly, publisher Hyperion is launching a service calling Kernl, which Hyperion is called an “e-imprint.” To me it sounds more like a serialized way to present information— short text pieces combined with video and some interactive components— in the hopes that this will create an audience for related books. The first Kernl series will have advice for those looking for jobs, and Hyperion plans six Kernls this year.

This comes on the heels of the news about Scribd launching their own bookstore. In that case, the interest comes for the fact that the books have no DRM, and that what had been a site just to disseminate free books and documents has now gone into selling them. You could see it as going head-to-head with Internet giant Amazon, as Scribd will work with traditional publishers and gives them more favorable terms than Amazon does.

So, exciting times on the digital front!

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