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This is one of those weeks I wish I could clone myself. I'd need a clone to go to work for me, and a clone to go to the WSJ's D7: All Things Digital conference in California, so that I could then go to Book Expo America in NYC. Oh, and another clone to stay home and take care of the pets.

One of the cool things I'd like to see at the D7 conference is the demo of Plastic Logic's new eReader. They showed it off a bit more than they have in the past in that they demonstarted the touch screen menus, but they were still very coy about the price— "appropriate for the market" was all the CEO would say. Since Kindle DX is it's closest direct competitor and the DX is a tad under $500, I think we can expect this to be slightly more or less than $500.

BEA is cool in a totally different way, of course. The publishing world attends in droves, including my agent, whom I don't get to see in person all that often. Lots of authors attend to sign books and meet fans— although probably not that many in genre (although I did see Brandon Sanderson's name). And, of course, there are editors and agents galore.

Oh, well! At least there is the web, to find out after the fact what we can't learn first hand and in person.

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