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The eReader week in review

Wow! What a week for eReaders! Tons of press/web ink out there lately— all kinds of developments. For new technology, there was a demo by Plastic Logic on their upcoming eReader, which is not only as large as Kindle DX, it's flexible and has a touch screen that can be annotated by tapping and drawing a line with your fingertip. PL showed off their on-screen annotation and menu "tabs" and confirmed their reader would have wireless but said nothing about costs for either the wireless or the device itself.

Next, Pixel Qi will release a netbook with a unique new screen that can switch back and forth from LCD to an e-ink screen! How cool is that? No word on price, but should be out before the end of the year. If that weren't enough, BE Book announced they will sell a $200 eReader that can do wireless if you buy a $30 card for it. Presumably, you still need access to a wireless network for this to work.

Finally, the debate over ebook pricing raged on with an article on Amazon's struggles to find a viable pricing model and a much angrier rant against Amazon by an editor who sounded like she's having a problem with the new model.

To end on a humorous note, I saw a funny video spoofing Kindle DX. When spoofs show up on YouTube, that means everyone knows the thing being spoofed well enough to laugh. Not bad news at all.

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