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Did you know I live in Tehran?

Not really. I live in the Maryland suburbs of DC, actually, but on Twitter I now live in Iran. Twitter is proving to be a vital link for information in and out of Iran, so Ahmadinejad's censors are scouring that platform looking for Iranians. When they can find someone tweeting from Iran, they try to track back their IP connection and shut them down. To provide both solidarity and camouflage, a lot of us tweeters have changed our account settings to show GMT+3:30 as our time zone, and Tehran as our home city.

Technology has now progressed to the point that it's harder than ever to suppress information, especially what's happening in broad daylight. To see what's happening on Twitter, put the hash tag #iranelection into the Twitter search bar. The Twitter admin folks even rescheduled their maintenance/down time so it was during the middle of the night in Iran. It's amazing!

Ahmadinejad is sitting on a pressure cooker; it remains to be seen whether he can keep a lid on this level of unrest— also to be seen is how far he will go into tyranny and oppression to maintain power.

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