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What's in a meme?

My OWW friend ccfinlay recently posted the "8 Random Things About Me" meme. He didn't tag anyone, but that's because he plays by his own rules, which I rather like. My PPWC friend brad_beaulieu followed his example. I like this meme! You get to find out neat stuff you might otherwise never learn.

So, here are 8 Random Things about Me:

1. Although I'm not Hawaiian or even a long-time resident, I was born in Honolulu. My dad was in the Navy. We lived there twice, in fact--once when I was born (we left when I was a few months old) and then again when I was four. We moved to Washington State a few days before my sixth birthday. I don't remember it that well, but I love putting Honolulu down on any form that asks for the city where I was born. It makes me sound much more exotic than I am.

2. In the 12 years of my elementary and secondary education, I went to 10 schools (see item 1, Navy brat).

3. I have a very good memory for a lot of things, but not for people's names. This has proved embarrassing form time to time. I once blanked on my husband's name when I was introducing him at a party!

4. I am a total Jeopardy freak. Ken Jennings is my hero.

5. I would rather eat cookies than cake and ice cream--as long as they're not peanut butter cookies. For some reason, although I like peanut butter on toast or in a sandwich, I can't stand it in anything sweet. I buy my kids Reese's peanut butter cups because I would have to be truly ravenous to eat them.

6. I am the least musical person I know. It's not that I dislike music; I just have no ear for it. I can't carry a tune and if I can tell someone is off key (I'm not entirely sure what that means), then they are so bad they shouldn't be singing in public. I never sing in public. I might move my lips, but unless I've had a couple of drinks, little or no sound will come out.

7. I cry very easily. I don't just cry at sad movies. I cry at sad commercials. When I read the Little House books to my kids, whenever I came to the part where Jack the dog dies, I cried--every time.

8. In reflecting back on my life, I think the biggest influence on me was my mother. As one of four kids, I don't think I necessarily got huge amounts of her time, but one thing she gave us all in large amounts was devoted, uncritical love. I don't think I would have the confidence to send my work to editors and agents today if I hadn't had that when I was young. I just wish I could thank her--or rather that she could understand me when I thank her.


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May. 17th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC)
I knew there was a reason why you were so good with people. Moving from place to place so often, you would have gotten lots of experience making friends at each new school/neighborhood. KRI
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