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I'd like to buy a vowel

That's because today's acronyms are all consonants. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ran a story about the new Barnes and Noble (B&N) ebook store. The most significant thing in the story, to me, was the mention that B&N is hooking up with Plastic Logic (PL) so that, presumably, when the PL mystery eReader (no name yet, no price, either) comes out in early 2010, folks who buy it will be able to buy
books from the B&N store. Because PL has said their device will have both WiFi and 3G— no word on what wireless carrier(s) will work with PL— then presumably, there will finally be a dedicated eReader besides Kindle that can make buying ebooks as easy as clicking a button.

And that's when things will get interesting, especially because previously PL has focused on "mobile business users" rather than recreational readers when describing how their product can be used. And because the B&N store will have 700,000 titles!. This development may well be behind the Amazon price drop to $299 for Kindle. I don't believe PL is aiming at that price range. My guess is the PL document reader will cost closer to the Kindle DX price than the K2. Not everyone agrees with me, but we'll know in a few months.

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