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So how social are the social networks?

I am now on Facebook, Livejournal (obviously) and Twitter. I find them all very different and yet in some ways the same— mostly in being a time suck and fun. Twitter, is of course, the briefest, because of the 140 character limit, but in some ways it's more inclusive as it offers such a big tent, a place where anyone who needs a soapbox can broadcast his or her concerns. LiveJournal is the most focused, at least for me, because the folks on my friends' list are mostly other writers; it's also the most work in that posts tend to be longer and link intensive, and I haven't had any luck in making tweets post to LJ.

On the other hand, FB is very welcoming and lets my LJ posts show as Notes, and my tweets become status updates. Facebook is fun but tricky to manage because my family, friends, spec fic publishers, and my co-workers all overlap. The best parts of FB are the family photos and the links to interesting articles, videos, etc.

And now, since I can't do it automatically, here are some of my recent tweets:

kwnewton just had her first lobster roll at Bobby's Crabcakes in Rockville MD Town Center. Yum!

kwnewton I guess I should be grateful I only lost 40 or so followers in the Great Spammer Purge of 09. Must mean the others are real people!

kwnewton Agent Kristin Nelson sees some gloom on the publishing horizon http://tinyurl.com/ndsfvn4:42 PM Jul 24th from web

kwnewton a very different approach to ebook publishing http://tinyurl.com/lqdowh

kwnewton So when will publishers (or maybe it's Amazon who's at fault?) address bad formatting in ebooks? http://tinyurl.com/m6ewde

kwnewton nice case for the Kindle owner who doesn't want to leave paper completely behind http://tinyurl.com/mynvvd

kwnewton some pricey competition for the Plastic Logic document reader when it comes out next year. http://tinyurl.com/ldfm7b

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