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Can't we all just get along?

It amazes me how people who have so much in common can be so different in how they react to developments. Specifically, I'm talking about people who love reading. Book lovers can't seem to unite, and in fact, are arguing over ebooks the way Catholics and Protestants used to argue over dogma.

A lot of the kerfuffle centers on the Kindle, mostly, I think, because Kindle is way ahead in eReader popularity. Always informative agent Nathan Bransford mentions this in his Friday This Week in Publishing post where he cites both pro and anti-Kindle posts. Certainly the snarky video (made by a used bookstore) referenced in this TeleReads post takes on the Kindle by name.

As an example, this article on the Kindle jumps the gun a bit, I think, in predicting the demise of books. I think magazines and newspapers are safe until large color screen eReaders are reasonably priced, which I would think would take several years, at least. Novels are another story. How many novels really need color or a large screen? This is why fiction publishers need to figure out ebooks and fast, because e-ink and iPhone-like readers are growing in popularity.

Now if the people who love books can just learn to tolerate each other's preferences, we'll all be fine.

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