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eReaders get cheaper as Worldcon debuts in Montreal

It seems like Sony was just waiting for me to leave the country! Acknowledging that pictures of their two new eReaders have been leaked to the web, Sony has announced that they will offer two new models of eReaders, one for $299 and one for $199.

Clearly, eReaders are getting cheaper. Amazon dropped the Kindle 2 to $299 a while ago. There are now several models available for less than $300 and some for less than $200. The magic $100 price seems far away at present, but who knows? So far only Kindle offers 3G wireless, but Plastic Logic is poised to steal Kindle's thunder; no word on whether their 3g will be free, though. And still no name for their device.

Sony also seems committed to making ebooks cheaper and is trying to make the $9.99 price stick. Price is a little squishy when talking about e-books, though. Some people are OK with no ebook being higher than $9.99 but if that includes books released as $12 trade paperbacks, is it really much of a discount?

Meanwhile, we got registered at the hotel and at the convention. Participant packets weren't ready yet, but the con doesn't actually start until tomorrow. Is it redundant to say we're looking forward to Anticipation?

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