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Worth a thousand words?

As a writer, I always had trouble with the phrase "One picture is worth a thousand words." I can see where pictures help, but even comic books need words. Maybe it's just the ratio that bothers me. I could live with one picture being worth a hundred words, but a thousand is too many. A good writer can say a lot in a thousand words.

I will concede that pictures help convey mood, alert readers to the topic quickly, and otherwise draw folks in. In learning how to use LiveJournal, I went looking for "user pics" to add to my posts. The LJ tool for creating them is really pretty easy to use so long as you have a digital image. And Google makes it easy to find images already in a digital format. Today's user pic is one of my favorites. I got it and several others from a site called Burning Well that contains lots of public domain images, nicely arranged in categories.

So, what do you think the user pic is? I love the glowing green light, but I'm not sure what it's from. The image was listed on the Burning Well site under the category "Textures." I think it has a science fiction feel, even though it's probably just a neon sign photographed with fuzzy focus. Context is everything, even for pictures.
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