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You have 30 days to enter PPWC!

The Pikes Peak Writers annual contest for unpublished writers opened today. So long as you haven't sold a book, you can enter a novel, and so long as you haven't sold a short story, you can enter a short story. Details are here; this year is the first time the contest is all digital— no more running to the post office on deadline day! There is an entry fee, but it varies depending on whether you want your judges to write a critique or not.

There are a lot of writing contests, but PPWC is great because it offers feedback as well as the potential to win. Just entering a contest can teach you a lot because it makes you do two important things: you have to be sure your audience is hooked in the beginning (in this case, the first 4,000 words), and you have to write a very succinct synopsis (1,250 words).

And, if you make it to the finals, your entry will be read by an editor or agent. PPWC is flexible in that it offers lots of genres. Novels must be entered in one of the following categories:

• Children’s (for ages 8-12)
• Historical Fiction
• Mainstream
• Mystery/Suspense/Intrigue
• Romance
• Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
• Young Adult (for ages 12-18

Short stories can be any genre. The contest closes November 15, so get cracking!

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