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The NY Times & Kindle DX: Do the math!

A friend who subscribes to The New York Times received an email yesterday, advising her she could save "at least $200" by bundling a one-year subscription with a Kindle DX purchase. The limited-time deal is: for $500 you get a Kindle DX ($489), a cover (the standard cover costs $50; this one says "New York Times," but it looks the same otherwise) and a year of the Times (cost will vary with where you live; in DC, it would be about $390 at the $7.50/week rate quoted on their website; presumably, they have better deals for a one-year subscription). Leaving out the question of what the Times should pay you for advertising their product on your Kindle cover, that means the bundle saves a bundle! It's as if you buy the Kindle DX and get the Times for free!

Always assuming you really wanted to read the New York Times on an eReader, it's a good deal. I have to say, if Kindle had a way to work crossword puzzles, I would be very tempted. Assuming the offer is available to all— although I suspect you have to be outside NYC to get it— act fact, if you're interested! No telling how long it will last.

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