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Capclave 2009 &mdash My schedule

Capclave is the DC-area science fiction/spec fic convention. It's small as conventions go. You could even call it cozy. It doesn't take much physical space so there's not the frantic rushing from place to place of larger conventions. My friend mindyklasky calls it her "relaxicon." It also stresses the printed word, especially short fiction, and almost no one there dresses up, beyond the occasional tiara, brightly colored shawl, or rock-star-level glam.

Capclave has been gearing up the last couple of years. The guests of honor this year are Harry Turtledove and Sheila Williams. There are some interesting panels on the schedule, too. Here are the ones I am on:

Friday 7pm, Randolph — Library Thing, Goodreads, and Other Book Conversations
Participants: Colleen Cahill (m), David Louis Edelman, C. Alan Loewen, Karen Wester Newton
What is library thing/goodreads etc.? Why would people want to tell the world what books they have? What are similar book oriented social media? How are they useful to writers, readers, and others?

Saturday 3pm, Montrose — Save the Magazines!
Participants: Edmund Schubert (m), Scott Andrews, C. Alen Loewen, Karen Wester Newton, George Scithers, Shelia Williams
What can be done to save the magazines? Asimov's circulation, once 100,000 is down to 17,000 F&SF even fewer. Is it worth saving? Are magazines doomed? Can Internet save the magazines? What will replace them?

Saturday 6pm, Montrose — Bridging From YA to Adult?
Participants: John Hemry (m), John Bentancourt, A.C. Crispin, Mindy Klasky, Karen Wester Newton, Victoria Janssen
What books overlap the YA and adult genres? What is the distinction? Are there books that shifted from being classed one way to the other? Changing attitudes as to what is appropriate for younger ages.

Sunday 11am, Plaza — Paranormal Versus Urban Fantasy
Participants: Scott Andrews (m), Catherine Asaro, Karen Wester Newton, Edmund Schubert, Jean-Marie Ward, Diane Weinstein
Is paranormal romance just another name for urban fantasy? If not, what is the distinction? How do writers determine the right balance between paranormal and romance? Is it just classic boy meets girl or does a paranormal being make it different.

Sunday, 3pm Plaza — Future Publishing
Participants: Jim Freund (m), Karen Wester Newton, John Bentancourt, Jane Jewell, Diane Weinstein
What impact will Kindle, Amazon, the Internet print on demand, etc. have on books and on publishing. Can authors make a living without publishers? How will we readers get our fiction fix?

If you're in the DC area October 16, 17, or 18, stop on by!

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