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Freaky Friday

Today is Friday, which is always a good day, but it's also a day in which some weird things have surfaced.

First, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Don't get me wrong; I really like Obama. I feel bad for him right now because former President GW Bush left him such a terrible mess to clean up that he's having a hard time making any headway. But still, it felt like I had somehow flashed forward (apologies to Robert Sawyer) into the future because he's only been president about ten months. From what I have read, I assume it's because he has come out for nuclear disarmament, but still . . . I think really, this just shows how the rest of the world views the United States. When GWB was the prez, we were a threat, and now we're not.

On the other hand, we are bombing the moon. Guess it's lucky the guys on the Nobel committee didn't know this, huh? Actually, it's a valid way to do research on the moon, but it sounds weird. I just hope the mission is a success.

And finally, the CEO of Microsoft is actually quoted saying that Microsoft won't develop an eReader because everyone can read ebooks on their PCs. Now, that's just crazy talk! Obviously, the man has never sat outside in bright sunshine and tried to read a netbook.

At this rate, I expect to see Mulder and Scully come around and ask me questions.

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