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Update from the front

Between being sick, going to Capclave, work, and tons of things happening in the publishing and eReader arena, I am behind in my blog posts! So here is not so much a mash-up as just a list of links.

New eReaders
This has been a hot topic lately. Right on the heels of Amazon announcing the international model of the Kindle, other new eReaders are popping up left and right, each of them offering slightly different things— except for a good name. None of the new models has a truly good name, in my opinion. First came the Alex (why Alex?), a dual screen Android web browser/eReader from Spring Design that should go on sale before the end of the year. In spite of the fact that it's the first full-sized eReader with a real browser, it didn't get a lot of attention because too much happened right after that. Next, Plastic Logic finally announced a launch date (January 7) and name for their new "proReader" (more than just an eReader, apparently); they're calling it the QUE. Still no price, but I am betting it will be about $500.

Finally, the big news was that Barnes & Noble debuted the nook. Their ads show the name lower case, but I'm going to call it the Nook. Among the nice things about the Nook are its (limited) ability to share books with other B&N customers. The name, however, suggests no one at B&N has a dirty mind. The most interesting part is the Android OS, but there are no apps for it yet— not even a web browser— so that's a wait-and-see situation.

Kindle news
Barely had the e-ink dried on the Nook press release when Amazon announced they were dropping the price for international model Kindle to $259, same as a domestic Kindle. A day later, they also announced they will be releasing a PC version of Kindle software that will allow users to read their Kindle books on their PCs.

Nook nook, who's there?
The Nook won't ship even go on sale until the end of November, but already B&N plans an enhancement; they will enable subscriptions to blogs— which is interesting, because I thought Amazon wasn't doing that well from blog subscriptions. Go figure!

Odds and ends
A blogger at the Frankfurt Book Fair reminds us the US is not the only eReader market.

This article in the NY Times says ebook readers are ebook buyers: they buy a lot more books (this matches my own experience) once they own an eReader. The last paragraph about people shairng ebooks by linking their Kindles to the same account caused a bit of a flap and acusations of piraacy, leading blogger/author Courtney Milan to make the pont that readers have rights too.

And, finally, in the print book world, it seems that Amazon is being Walmarted, by Walmart no less! Don't worry about Amazon; they're doing okay.

What a week! And it's only Thursday!

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