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I know the way to San Jose

The World Fantasy Convention is being held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA this year. I was tempted to title this post "My schedule for WFC" but I didn't because one of the things WFC is known for is minimal programming. Even very well known writers (of which I am not one) get either one panel or one reading. That's by design; WFC is "the pro con," the one agents, writers, and editors go to to schmooze, relax, party, and hang out in the bar with others of their kind. The only exceptions to the one-panel rule are guests of the convention who do multiple appearances, and even then it's nowhere near Worldcon levels.

I feel lucky to be going. I had made a hotel reservation, just in case, as the hotel is often the limiting factor, and after all, a hotel reservation can be canceled at no cost if you do it early enough. But when my reminder to "cancel if not going" popped up, I realized I really wanted to go.

Another limiting factor with WFC is that the con limits its size (see above note about copzy relaxation) and thus closes registration once a cap is reached. It used to be 850 attendees, but since my member number is 985, I'm guessing they have upped that a little. I asked my husband if he would be interested in going; he said yes, I signed us up, and less than two weeks later they closed registration. Some years they don't need to close registration but this year they did, and ever since folks have been posting on the WFC LJ Community asking for memberships. I felt lucky!

And since I was registered, I inquired about programming and got put on a panel:

8:00 PM, Thursday, Club Regent room, The Google Books Settlement
The Google Books Settlement has caused worldwide controversy and will have a marked effect on every author and publisher. Hear various viewpoints on this issue.
Dan Gamber (moderator), Christopher Kastensmidt, Jay Lake, Karen Wester Newton, Charles Petit

They even spelled my name correctly! Woo hoo! I am now reading up frantically on the Google book settlement. I am most interested in the technology aspects, of course, as Google's aim appears to be to sell ebook versions the "orphaned books" they scanned (although the project didn't start out that way). So far, my analysis is, you can get away with piracy if your pirate ship is big enough and full of lawyers.

So, Wednesday we fly out, via Denver, and then we get to spend a few days in (hopefully) sunny San Jose. As long as it doesn't snow in Denver and close DIA, we should be good to go.

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