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World Fantasy Report, Day 1

In spite of some bad weather in Denver, we made it into San Jose with no problems. We couldn't find con registration last night, so we waited and registered today at noon. They had decorated the desk with Halloween decorations. Cute!

Breakfast was at a place called Flames. It was great! If you're ever in San Jose, I recommend it.

The opening ceremonies were brief but fun, with Jay Lake as the toastmaster. He had the audience do a wave. Several guests mentioned that they had not known they would need to speak. Maybe that was why it was brief?

Other than the opening, I mostly hung out in the bar, which was very well attended, too. I don't get to see my WFC friends like Carol Berg very often, or her posse of writers and fans. I also ran into scottedelman whom I had seen at Capclave, and Charlie and I finally paid back Chris Roberson the dink we had owed him since Denvention.

The 8:00 pm panel on the Google Book Settlement had a bigger crowd than I expected for a Thursday night panel, but I think the subject was dear to a lot of authors' hearts. I struck a vote for gender equality by my presence but did not say that much since the other panelists mostly knew more about it. The general consensus was that Google had taken a good idea and turned it into a violation of copyright. Also, not one author felt the Author's Guild had any right to represent them.

After that it was back to the bar for a few hours of schmoozing, drinking, a late dinner of bar food, and then to bed! Looking forward to seeing more folks tomorrow.

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