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World Fantasy Report, Day 2

After another but slightly later breakfast at Flames, we headed back to the Fairmont to go to Carol Berg's reading. She read from her upcoming novel, The Spirit Lens, a mystery my husband calls a "sorcerer procedural."

Next, I went to John Picacio's presentation on how he creates his award winning book covers. It was fascinating to hear how his creative process works. He described the back and forth exchange of ideas with art directors as "playing tennis." It was also interesting that he incorporates so many varied materials and techniques— from pencils to Photoshop and everything in between.

Next was the Garth Nix interview, conducted by toastmaster Jay Lake. Garth Nix's Australian accent reminded me so much of Flight of the Conchords (I know they're really New Zealanders) that I kept expecting him to break into song. He had some interesting comments about his varied career as a writer, agent, and editor. He described the science fiction and fantasy community as a nation where we all happen to live in different countries. He also said his first book didn't do that well; he recalled his career path as being "rather like a pelican taking off."

I had meant to go see Rani Graff on the Fantasy in Translation panel but a sudden urgent need for a nap overtook me, and I was out for a while. I thus missed Cheryl Morgan's announcement that there will be a new award for fantasy translated into English.

After an early dinner at Hawgs Seafood Bar were we stuffed ourselves on yummy seafood. Then it was back to the hotel for the mass signing event. The dealer's room had sold out of Mindy Klasky's How Not to Make a Wish, so I got her to annotate my Kindle copy.

A quick look in at the Tor party ended when the noise level approached rock concert levels. Ditto the Locus party. And so, to blog!

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