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The quality of one's Twitter experience will depend mostly on whom one follows. My list is an eclectic mix of writers, editors, agents, booksellers, ebook enthusiasts, geeks, friends, and people who are funny. Here are some things I learned about on Twitter recently:

St. Martin's is looking for novels with "New Adult" protagonists— not YA but 20-somethings— to take advantage of the YA audience from five to ten years ago. They want to keep those former teen readers reading, so they're having a contest. No agent needed!

This woman's blog is hilarious! It's R-rated and I don't recommend clicking her sponsored links at work (unless you work somewhere where it's OK to shop for sex toys on your lunch hour), but her stuff is funny! She calls herself "The Blogess" and the subtitle is "Like Mother Teresa, only better." I can tell you the word "like" is a lie. Other than species and gender, no resemblance at all.

This tongue-in-cheek glossary of publishing terms is funniest if you know what all the terms really mean. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the definition for "author."

This heartbreaking story is a sign of the economic times. It's also why if and when my agent sells my book, I'm not having the party until the book is in my hands.

See what you've been missing?

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