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Advice from a pro

Although Miss Snark isn't updating her blog anymore (sob!), I still go there often to use the handy links to other agents and editors. I noticed that this post from Lit Agent X, raleva31, (a.k.a. Rachel Vater of Lowenstein-Yost Associates) had some good advice on dealing with rejection. In addition to standard stuff about joining a critique group, she has some specific ideas on how to tinker with your story. My favorite humorous suggestion was this one:

"Turn your rejection letters into a small pinata and then smash it."

What a neat idea! Although I suspect for some of us it would be rather a large pinata. I also liked this more prosaic idea:

"Re-read some older stuff you wrote and congratulate yourself on how much better you are at writing now."

But I really liked her last item:

"Finally, picture the day when an agent opens your query, reads your first five pages, and gets totally excited. Goosebumps. Adores it. Requests it all. Loves it. Offers representation, and you gracefully accept. She sells it, and you get edit notes, which you're happy to use. Then you see your cover proof. Then you get to hold your book in your hands and other people get to read it. Hold on to that image. It's not a far-fetched scenario, and it isn't random like winning the lottery. It happens for dedicated writers all the time. Be one of them."

Hey, you haven't failed until you quit.
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