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A little something under the tree?

It says a lot about the American economy that three new wireless entries in the eReader market (Barnes & Noble Nook, the iRex DR800SG, and the Sony Daily Edition) are all hitting the market in time for Christmas. The sleek new iRex with the clunky name is out now, at $400. The $259 Nook is shipping soon but pre-orders are going so well, B&N is telling customers to order now if they want one for Christmas. According to the Sony website, the $399 Daily Edition is also backordered even before it hits the street, a lot like the Nook. And if folks have to have a wireless eReader now, there's always the Kindle 2, now $259, which unlike last year should be available at Christmas.

I find it significant that the more business-oriented QUE proReader is launching in January; I don't think any CEOs expect Santa to leave one under the tree. Plastic Logic hasn't released a price yet on the QUE, but those CEOs will probably have to fork over more than they would for a Kindle or a Nook, maybe even more than for a Kindle DX.

In any event, it looks like Santa will have plenty to read if he gets stuck in traffic!

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