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Dealing out rejection

Yes, that says dealing out rejection, not dealing with rejection. I realized something recently. I reject books all the time. When a book sounds interesting, either because I stumble across it, or I read a review, or I see the author's post online, I get a free sample of the book sent to my Kindle. After I read the free sample, a good percentage of the time I don't buy that book. In effect, I'm rejecting that author's work. Sometimes I do that even when the book is free, or only costs a dollar (Orbit books regularly has one ebook title that is $1 for one month; it changes around the first of the month).

The number of books I can read is limited by time as well as money; I've reached the stage in life where I simply will not read a book if I don't enjoy the experience. I start reading and if at any point I find myself saying, "jeeze, is this ever going to get interesting/come to the point/pick up the pace/whatever?" then I stop reading.

There is nothing under the sun that everyone likes, not even chocolate. Sometimes I'll love most of an author's work, but not every single book. Sometimes I'll feel like I should like an authors work because everyone says it's great, but I just don't.

The more I write, the pickier I get about what I read. If I find myself noticing things in the book, like how it's constructed, or if there are anachronisms or other errors in the setting, then down it goes.

Of course, unlike agents and editors, I don't send rejection letters. I don't even write reviews very often— generally only when I have something positive to say. If I were going to write such a letter, it would probably go something like this:

Dear Author:

Thank you for publishing your book, INSERT TITLE HERE. I'm sorry to report I won't be reading it. The volume of my browsing doesn't allow a personal response as to what I didn't like, so I'll just say it simply wasn't a book I wanted to spend six hours reading. However, I'm sure another reader could feel differently, and I wish you all success in the marketplace.

Yours truly,

A reader as well as a fellow writer

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