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On Twitter they called our weekend blizzard the DC Snowpocalypse. Hyperbole, indeed. But it did claim a victim in that my husband appears to have shoveled out our driveway one time too many. He had an odd and very abrupt episode yesterday an hour after he came in from shoveling— no chest pains but really bad nausea and dizziness. He could not even walk. I had persuaded him to let me take him to the emergency room only after it didn't get better in a few hours. When he couldn't make it to the car, we had to call an ambulance.

I stopped worrying as much when we got to the ER because they checked him out quickly and then made us wait. We are now trapped in an episode of House; he actually feels much better but he is still in the hospital undergoing test after test while they try to figure out what happened.

His birthday is in January. I am getting him a snow blower.

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