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Quick and Easy Book Meme

Here’s a simple meme I stole from maryrobinette. Answer the following questions:

 1. What Book Are You Reading Now?
 2. Why did you choose it?
 3. What’s the best thing about it?
 4. What’s the worst thing about it?

Here are my answers.

1. Nation by Terry Pratchett.
2. I saw a review on yalitlovers and it sounded interesting.
3. There are two main characters, a teenage South Pacific Islander named Mau who loses his whole world (the Nation of the title), and a British (or British equivalent; it's an alternate world so it's not entirely equal) girl named Ermintrude who is the only survivor of a ship wreck. They both are impelled to keep following the rules of their culture even when there's no one around to notice.
4. I don't know if this answer will be the same after I finish the book, but Pratchett spends huge long periods of time in Mau's point of view (POV) which makes me impatient to know what's going on with Ermintrude (she renames herself Daphne).

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