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Zombies redux

Now that we have cable TV, I've noticed that even without any premium channels, weekend programming contains a lot of movies. Often they run the same movie twice in a row, just like a movie theater, so if you miss the beginning, you can catch it the second time around. I don't go to theaters much, so I'm making up for lost time now.

Instead of watching the Academy Awards, I watched 28 Days Later which my son had recommended as a good movie. It is a pretty good movie, in spite of the fact that it's basically a zombie movie. Except for Shaun of the Dead, which is a parody, I never cared for zombie movies. To me, the true zombie story has flawed logic. The zombies can't talk, can't walk well, but somehow they all still know how to open doors and find their way around whatever city they're in. They are too smart to be dead and too dumb to be a real threat, except for their numbers. And what's with the eating brains, thing? Where did that come from?

28 Days Later Gets around that flaw because these "virtual zombies" aren't actually dead, they're infected with a virus that makes them homicidally angry. And none of them eat brains. In addition, it's a well made story in which characters change and bond as they face danger after danger. The scenes of a deserted London are especially striking. I did think the rage seemed to spread incredibly quickly, since it wasn't airborne and struck within seconds of contact with an infected person's blood. But one virtue of having the story line skip the 28 days that the protagonist is in a coma is that there isn't a a lot of detail on the how of things. It was a shock to see the first of the new Doctor Whos as the bad guy. What would Rose say?

I was trying to think of all the "virtual zombie" movies there are, counting this one. I Am Legend, certainly. Unfortunately, Wikiedia's list of zombie movies doesn't distinguish between real zombies and virtual zombies (and Bernie in Weekend at Bernie's is NOT even a virtual zombie; he is just a corpse). Possibly my friend scottedelman can think of more. He is into zombies in a big way and even has an entire collection of zombie stories coming out called What Will Come After.

I hope I don't have any bad dreams from this movie!

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