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The joy of pain

I cleaned my house for a bloodletting. No, really, it's not as bad as it sounds. My writing group came over yesterday because it was my turn to host the monthly meeting. I provided sodas, iced tea, cold cuts and bread; my husband made his famous cole slaw; people brought raw veggies, bagels, cookies, a cake, and other goodies.

And then, coincidentally, since it as my turn to be critiqued as well, they tore the novel I had submitted to shreds. Well, not to shreds. They had plenty of nice things to say, too, but they pointed out the many places where the book needs work. And that's fine. That's what I pay them for. OK, well, I don't pay them. We all work for friendship, with the goodies thrown in on the side.

The thing is, now I know a lot more than I did two days ago. And now I can get to work. Knowledge really is power.

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