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The next best thing to being there

If you follow sfwa_admin, you will know that the AussieCon folks have followed through on last year's example and made virtually all the Hugo-nominated works available for download by AussieCon members. Most of them are PDFs, which means you can easily read them on a PC, if you don't mind LCD. If you have an eReader than handles PDfs, either natively or by converting them, you're set! And you paper-book lovers can print them out!

You don't need to be an attending member (who has the time and money to go to Australia!) to get download rights; you can also download the works and vote in the Hugos if you are a supporting member. Right now a supporting membership is $70 in Australian currency, which is somewhere between $50 and $65, depending on when you check. You get six novels, six novellas, and six novelettes plus some short stories, related works, color art work, and some magazines. It's pretty cool! Full disclosure: A lot of the shorter works are available for free online, but not the novels.

So, if you have some money to blow and you want to support Worldcon and get some really nice stuff to read, check out the AussieCon membership page.

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