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My 12 step program

Hi, my name is Karen and it's been, er, zero days since I bought a Kindle. (This is where you all yell, "Hi, Karen" back at me, and then I confess I have no control over my eReader habit).

We are soon to be a 3-Kindle family. My husband has been using my Kindle 1, which he got me as a birthday/anniversary gift, and I then passed on to him when I got myself a Kindle 2. He will soon inherit my Kindle 2 when the Kindle 3 we just ordered (as a birthday gift from my husband to me) gets here.

You see how the progression illustrates the economics of eReaders? A Kindle used to be a double-occasion gift, and now it's just a really nice birthday gift.

I will be really interested to see how well the new Kindle stacks up. The jump from Kindle 1 to Kindle 2 made a lot of good stuff available. At first I was miffed they did away with the SD card, but actually, moving books from memory to the card was a pain. Kindle 2 also had faster page turns, and it was the first Kindle to read books out loud (unless the publisher has turned off that feature).

Kindle also 2 had much better navigation than Kindle 1. That little wheel was a pain to press straight down. It kept sliding on me. The only thing I really miss from the Kindle 1 is being able to tell if the wireless is on without taking the Kindle out of sleep mode and knowing that when the battery went, I could change it myself (it still hasn't needed to be changed, BTW). I'm hoping the controller on the Kindle 3 is even easier to manipulate.

Kindle 3 has twice the storage that Kindle 2 has. And I got the "graphite" version (meaning it's black instead of white). It looks prettier (smaller and even thinner!), and the battery lasts for an entire month if the wireless is off. I considered saving my husband $50 by getting the wifi only model, but I love the convenience of wireless delivery pretty much anywhere.

Now I can't wait for it to ship! Oh, the 12 steps in the subject line? That's the 12 steps to my mailbox, every time I check to see if my new Kindle has come yet!

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