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My Kindle luck runs out

Third time is NOT a charm! I got my new Kindle on schedule, Monday night at 8:30 (those UPS guys work late!). I charged it up and then played with it for an hour or so; I had to reset it once but I figured it was because I sent several books to it at once. (You reset a Kindle by holding the power switch on for about 15 seconds).

Tuesday I tried to show it to someone while we were at lunch. It froze on the home screen and would not reset. When I looked up the Kindle FAQ, it said to plug it in and reset it. That worked. Then after work I tried to read with it, and it didn't want to wake up. It took several tries but it did come on and then I read for a couple hours with no problem.

Today it was dead when I tried to wake it up again. I gave up and called Amazon customer service. They walked me through a few things trying to fix it. Nothing worked, so the guy said, "We'll send you a new Kindle." I got the email and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. I have to say, Amazon customer service was pretty stellar.

Today Sony announced some new Reader models. The big deal is, they seem to have finally solved the touch screen problem. Previous Sony models that had touch screen problems suffered from an extra coating that made them muddy looking and prone to glare. Sony did not really cut prices, though.

Reader Pocket Editon .... $179 5" (diagonal) screen
Reader Touch Edition .....$229 6" screen
Reader Daily Edition .....$299 7" screen (the only one with wireless)

That's an increase of between $29 and $59 from previous models. Clearly, Sony is not into the price wars thing.

The e-ink market seems to be shaking out into niches. Sony is for folks who want e-ink and a touch screen more than anything else, even if it costs more.

Kobo is hooking their low-priced wagon (they dropped their price to $129) to Border's star, even though they have their own online store.

The Nook is for folks who want to hang out in bookstores even though they're using an eReader.

The Kindle is for lazy people like me who don't want to get out a cable to move a book onto their eReader, and don't care about touch screens, but do care about customer service.

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