March 5th, 2007

PC keyboard

Is there an HTML for less than dummies?

I am trying to design and implement my web page.  Why do I need a web page, you might ask?  I write, therefore I must market.  If you want to reach your readers, one way is to have a web presence.    Don't you like the sound of that?  A "web presence"?  it sounds like I know what I am doing.  So, so wrong!  Of course, I am putting the proverbial cart before the horse because I have written the book but I haven't sold it.  Still, I want to be ready!

The problem is, I don't want to start with a clunky, plain vanilla page, I want Chunky Monkey with sprinkles and whipped cream.  That's going to be harder.  Fortunately, I have geeky friends.  And I am hoping my talented daughter will come through with a nice graphic or two.

Actually, I have all kinds of friend, lurkers as well as bloggers, and neo-Luddites as well as geeks.  Friends are what makes modern life feasible.