March 11th, 2007

moss on stones

Writing as bonsai

One thing I never realized when I began writing seriously was how much writing books is like the art of bonsai.  In bonsai, you plant a seedling, trim the roots and stems the way you want the tree to grow, try to control its size and shape, and then you wait.  It's not an art for the impatient.  You have to wait to see if you did the right things.  Writing is like that.  After years of effort honing my work, getting feedback, trimming a lot, I've finally found an agent who likes my latest book (a fantasy/love story called THE TALISMAN BAG).  But now I'm waiting for the two people I asked to read it to send their endorsements-- one down, one to go.  My agent likes to have endorsements for new writers; I can see her point.  I am an unknown quantity, trying to stand out for the ocean of other unknown quantities.

 And so I wait.